exterminator roachesExterminators of Roaches in Vegas Deal With 3 Types

There are over 4,000 types of roaches in the world. The largest is the Megaloblatta longipennis, which can grow almost 8 inches long. Thankfully, exterminators of roaches in Las Vegas only see three major types, but if one or more of them is invading your living spaces, then learning to identify the different types can be essential to stopping the problem.

How to Identify Roaches

The first step to identifying if roaches are invading your home is to be sure that what you see is a roach. All cockroaches have six legs. They also all have flat bodies and flexible antennae. If the bug you are looking at does not have these common characteristics, it may not be a roach. Other insects that love to get inside Las Vegas homes include stinging scorpions, ants, bedbugs and beetles.

American Roaches

Assuming that it is a roach, the next step is determining what type of roach is bugging you. American roaches are commonly known as water bugs, and they are the largest cockroach that exterminators in Las Vegas typically find in Las Vegas homes. American roaches are reddish brown. They have a yellow or brown band around their pronotum, the plate-like structure covering the bug’s thorax area. Mature American cockroaches are about 1.4 to 1.6 inches long, with males slightly longer than females. You may, however, find them longer than 2 inches. Both males and females have cerci, a small appendix at the end of their abdomens, which look like a thin sheet with lines on it. There are 17 or 18 lines on males and 12 or 13 lines on the cerci on females. You must contact a Las Vegas exterminating company to get rid of these as soon as you see even one. From the time it is laid in an egg until its death, each one can live almost four years, and females can lay over 150 eggs in their lifetime. Both male and female American cockroaches can fly short distances.

One of the ways that you can identify American roaches without getting too close is to look at where they are found. They love to eat crumbs found under appliances, behind kitchen cabinets and on the floor. You can help out with the extermination in Las Vegas by being sure to remove any debris, especially dead leaves, from around your home’s exterior because they love to live in them before moving into your home. Neither the male nor female American cockroach can fly. If you look at an Oriental cockroach vertically, you will see a small, raised area between their cerci, which is called a styli.

Oriental Roaches

Oriental cockroaches are about 1-inch long, and they are deep brown or black. The wings on a male oriental cockroach cover most of its body while females have much shorter rudimentary wings. While a large invasion of any type of cockroach has an odor, the musty smell of Oriental cockroaches is particularly noticeable.

Oriental cockroaches love to live in areas with high humidity and cool temperatures. Therefore, you should carefully examine your basement and crawl spaces for signs of these insects. They are not as prolific as the American cockroach. Each female Oriental cockroach produces eight egg capsules in her lifetime. Each of these capsules contains 16 eggs. The female carries the egg capsule between 12 and 120 hours before depositing it in a warm environment where food is readily available. The egg capsules can stay viable for up to 180 days before hatching. Once hatched, the young Oriental cockroach will molt seven times before becoming an adult. Adult oriental cockroaches live about 180 days.

Oriental cockroaches particularly like to feed on organic matter, so keeping your home spotless after extermination in Las Vegas will help keep them away. If you have water leaks, fix them immediately because these insects love a moist environment. Inspect the area under sinks to ensure that you do not have any undetected water leaks as they can draw roaches to your home.

German Roaches

Most homes in Las Vegas with cockroaches have German cockroaches. These insects are about 0.6 inches long, and they have a flat body that is oval-shaped. They are light brown, and adults have two stripes on the underside of their bodies. The second dorsal stripe does not appear until the cockroach is done morphing. While neither male nor female German cockroaches fly, only the female has leathery outer wings, which are called tegmina. Male Oriental and American cockroaches are larger, but the opposite is the case with German cockroaches.

Each female German cockroach lays about 48 egg sacs in its lifetime with each sac containing as many as eight eggs. After the eggs hatch, the nymph stage lasts between two and seven weeks. Each German cockroach can live up to nine months.

German cockroaches live in large groups in moist areas. These cockroaches eat the same diet you do, so they love when you drop crumbs and fail to clean them up. They often hide in small cracks and crevices, so if you ignore getting these fixed, do not be surprised when you discover a German cockroach. While exterminators in Las Vegas can kill them, they also feed on dead German cockroaches, so be sure to keep your home spotless.

Exterminators of Roaches Can Rid Your Home of These Pests

Calling exterminators in Las Vegas is the first step in getting rid of cockroaches. The primary goal of these insects is to find food sources, so keeping all food centralized can help. If you have cracks or other spaces where they can hide, seal up these areas. Cockroaches love moisture, so ensure you stop all water leaks in your home and dry out your sinks after using them. Keeping your home cool prevents them from using many of their muscles well.

While you can now identify the three main types of cockroaches seen in Las Vegas, you really do not have to identify them positively. Instead, call an exterminator of roaches. They are experts at getting them out of your home. You must quickly act because they can multiply exceedingly fast. The chances are that if you see one roach, they have many friends nearby that you have not spotted yet. Depending on the top, a living cockroach can have up to 1,000 descendants, so immediate action is required on your part.