Everything You Need to Know About Las Vegas Pigeons

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Part 1: Health Hazards That Pigeons Pose to Customers

When it comes to running a business, one of the last aspects that you may think about is health hazards and pigeons. Unfortunately, even in Las Vegas, pigeons are a menace. Not only can they cover business and its parking lot in bird feces, but it can also be one of the factors contributing to poor job performance. After all, customers are unlikely to visit a business that is covered in feces. Your business might also promote the spread of disease if it doesn’t take a stand against pigeons. This article will discuss the health hazards that pigeons pose and how you can ensure that your business is a safe and clean place for your customers to visit.

Carriers of Disease

Pigeons are notorious for being carriers of bird diseases. More than that, they can carry disease in general. Even those that don’t infect them can be carried in their wings, feces, spit, and other places. Since viruses can easily be airborne, all it takes is a pigeon to carry it and give a flutter of their wings for the virus to transfer into an opened drink that a customer takes a sip of. You don’t want your business to be known as the source for contamination. To prevent this from occurring, the best step is to get rid of the pigeons. You need a reliable company that provides pigeon removal in Las Vegas to deal with the problem before it becomes a hazard.


Pigeons also carry parasites. These can exist on their feathers, in their bodies, and even in their feces. When a pigeon deposits its waste, that parasite is free to move. It can infect food, stick on the bottom of someone’s shoe, or even find its way into the water.

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Part 2: Why You Can’t Leave Pigeons in Your Home

If you see a pigeon on your roof or hear one in your attic, it is imperative that you get rid of it quickly. Otherwise, you could easily have dozens of birds living in your home within a few weeks. This is because they tend to travel in flocks, and it is also because they can breed throughout the year and in large numbers.

How Often Do Pigeons Breed?

A female pigeon will generally lay three eggs just a week or two after mating with a male. By the time the first eggs are ready to hatch, the pair have likely mated again. While breeding generally takes place in the spring and summer, it can also happen in the fall and winter if conditions are right.

How Long Do Pigeons Live For?

In the wild, a pigeon can live for up to six years. Therefore, once it finds your home to be suitable place to live, it can stay there for several years if you don’t call a pigeon removal Las Vegas service provider. It is worth noting that a domestic pigeon can live for up to 15 years, which gives them even more time to breed and cause damage to your home. Damage can be caused by their droppings, which contains corrosive materials as well as a variety of parasites.

Why Do Pigeons Like Homes?

Pigeons like to roost on gutters and overhangs because they look similar to cliffs that they would generally perch on in the wild. Since this bird has a high level of intelligence, it may know how to find its way back even if leaves voluntarily or after being captured. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant and take steps to ensure that your home is protected from these potential pests.

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Part 3: Staying Close to Home: Why Las Vegas Pigeons Don’t Migrate

Often times, birds tend to migrate during the wintertime. They seek refuge from the colder weather. In some areas, literally hundreds of birds can be seen soaring across the sky. Unfortunately, homes and businesses in Las Vegas must deal with pigeons throughout the year. Here are the biggest reasons why pigeons prefer not to relocate when the outdoor temperatures start to drop.

Abundant Food Sources

Understandably, pigeons are reluctant to leave a place where food is abundant. Vegas is the perfect place for these birds to live. It’s easy for Las Vegas pigeons to obtain a meal just by hanging out in a parking lot. They are often seen rummaging through garbage for leftovers. Locals and tourists also tend to toss out a lot of food. Pigeons are more than happy to swoop down and pick up the waste. Some people actually feed pigeons for fun. This is yet another reason that pigeons don’t migrate.

Shelter Is Readily Available

Although the area is known for its mild climate, the weather can still get a bit frigid during the winter months. At night, the temperature can easily dip into the 20s. This means pigeons must find a place to stay warm. Luckily for them, shelter is not hard to find. There are hundreds of buildings in the city where they can nest. Because of the mess these birds leave behind, pigeon extermination in Las Vegas is especially important.

They’re Safe from Predators

While hiding in rooftops, pigeons are safe from predators. They don’t have to worry about being attacked by owls and hawks. This is one of the reasons why local pigeon populations tend to remain high- there is little natural pigeon control. However, commercial pest control designed to relocate the populations can be found.



Part 4: Who to Call When You Have a Pigeon Problem

Perhaps pigeons have decided your home or business is their brand-new place of residence. If the stink isn’t enough to make you want to have them removed, then the promise of pigeon waste and disease should be. Pigeons can carry disease on their wings and in their waste. If all of that poop is left sitting around, it can get into the air and make people sick. You need a pest control company to get rid of them. How do you choose from the many control companies out there? This article will offer you tips.

Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Company 1: Reputation

When you’re looking for pigeon removal in Las Vegas to be performed, then you need to look for a reputable business. These are the companies that have been around for a few years. They’ve built up a reputation for performing quickly, effectively, and humanely. You can perform a search online that will help you understand what their reputation is.

Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Company 2: Humane Practices

Another aspect to look for is the methods in which the company uses to remove pigeons. Are they humane? A reputable company will utilize methods that don’t injure the pigeons, yet still will give satisfactory results. While pigeons may carry disease, they are not hostile animals, themselves. You’ll want to use a company that does what it can to remove the problem without causing a gory mess.

Choose Wisely

You can begin your search for a pest control company to remove your pigeon problem online. Look through the actual testimonials of clients that they have serviced in the past. If those clients have nothing but rave reviews, then you can feel confident in choosing them to handle your problem too. Utilize the tips above to find a company that will take care of you.