Identifying Flying Pests in a New Home

Pests, such as pigeons and bats, can be quite the nuisances. If the animals are left to their own devices, they will continue to reproduce and increase in number. As a colony or flock increases in size, so does the risk of disease for both the animals and humans. Watch for these signs of pests when buying a new home.


Pigeons are messy, noisy, and overpopulated in many areas. Pigeons will flock around a suitable home, quickly raising their chicks when nesting areas and food sources are abundant. Check the home and yard for bird scat, paying special attention to areas of high concentration. Notice all potential nesting areas and food sources, so that they can be eliminated. Pigeon extermination in Las Vegas can evict the pigeons from the home afterwards, making the property pigeon free. However, the home must be made inhospitable for pigeons by the inhabitants; or they may return.


Bats are magnificent, mesmerizing creatures, until they enter a home unannounced. Bats will form large colonies in dark, dry places such as attics, barns, or abandoned buildings. If the home has an access point for the bats, they may move in while it is vacant. Bats may be heard leaving during dusk, as they set out to hunt. They can be noisy in large numbers. However, the biggest indication of a bat infestation is guano. If you find guano, or bat droppings, in your attic, then it’s important to have the animals removed immediately.

Why Families Should be Careful with Flying Pests

Both pigeons and bats can carry diseases that are able to be transmitted to people. When it comes to pigeons, their high population numbers in densely populated areas are the perfect storm for avian viruses. When those viruses are capable of infecting people, pigeons can spread disease very quickly among the cities and suburbs. As for bats, they are known for carrying over 60 types of viruses that are contagious within the human population. This makes bats one of the most important pests to watch for and prevent, especially when there are small children in the home.