Two Key Reasons to Get Rid of Pigeons Immediately

While you may enjoy feeding pigeons at the park, they are not something that you want to have in your home. They breed in large numbers and can spread throughout your home with ease. As their numbers grow, so does the likelihood that they spread fleas and other filth with them. To keep your home and family safe, it is critical that you get them out of your home as soon as possible by using a wildlife control expert.

Keep Your Home Intact

There are three key areas where a pigeon may enter your home. First, they may come in through the chimney or attic, and this may put a lot of weight that your roof or ceilings won’t be able to handle. Second, they may enter through cracks in windows or screens. Finally, they may come through vents located near the dryer or any other appliance that needs to vent out of your home. From there, they could block ducts or chew through wires. Both actions could lead to fires.

Keep Your Health Intact

While you and your family may be healthy today, fleas can transmit diseases to both humans and pets. Pigeon droppings may also throw dust and other harmful substances into the air that may make you, your children or your pets ill. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to breathing issues, and even minor illnesses could lead to significant consequences. This is why pigeon removal is so important.

Call an Exterminator Today

Calling a pigeon extermination in Las Vegas service can make it easier to get rid of your pest problem for good. The sooner that they are gone, the less expensive it may be to clean up and repair your home. If you are about to put your home on the market, the last thing that you want is to admit that it has been infested recently. A bird control expert may be able to come to your home by appointment or on an emergency basis if necessary.