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Keep Your Home or Office Pest Free in Las Vegas

Whatever type of pest you find taking up residence on your property, professional pest control in Las Vegas has you covered. There are several types of cockroaches, two main types of spiders and scorpions and countless ants that can make your life miserable.

Start With Bugs

Cockroaches, ants, spiders and scorpions can infiltrate your home and set up shop before you even realize they are there. Professional exterminators know where they hide and how to remove them for good. Exterminators can prevent new outbreaks and eliminate the source to prevent eggs from hatching weeks later.

Stop the Rat

Rats carry disease wherever they go. They leave behind toxic urine and feces and can be found just about anywhere. Mostly they look for kitchens and garbage bins but also make nests in attics and inside walls. If you own a restaurant, just the sighting of a rat can ruin your reputation. Professional exterminators look for rats where they hide. Even if you never see a rat, they leave behind signs that they are there somewhere. Don’t take a chance with your health and reputation. You may get a regular rat check-up done by the people who know.

Bee Removal

In Las Vegas, there two main types of bees. The honeybee is virtually harmless unless you are allergic to its sting, but the carpenter bee can damage your house. If bees have built nests near your home, you should call a professional to remove them completely. It is not an easy task to get rid of bees and wasps, and professionals don’t recommend you try it yourself. You may be able to withstand one sting, but if you try to move a nest it could be much worse.

All kinds of pests have found ways to invade human habitats and cause disease, destruction and wounds. Professional pest removers have studied each kind of pest and know the best way to get rid of them permanently.

Buddies Exterminators

Buddies Exterminating, LLC is a family-owned and operated Las Vegas pest control company serving Las Vegas since 1962! Pest control including cockroaches, spiders, pigeons, rats, ants, scorpions and more!