Telltale Signs of a Bat Infestation in Your Home

Bats can benefit us when they are in the wild. It is a known fact that the average bat will eat more than 1,000 mosquitos per hour. That can help us enjoy a night out on our deck without the pesky bugs eating us alive. But what happens when there is a bat infestation in the house? Do you know bat infestation signs to be aware of in and around your home? Do you know where bats like to hang around in the home? It can become a health hazard to have these flying mammals hanging around your house.


Do You See Bats Inside or Entering Your Home?

One of the first telltale signs of a bat problem is you see a bat flying around in your home. It can be that you see an occasional bat around your home every few years. Many bat infestation dangers should concern you. Still, if bats are flying in your attic at dawn and leaving your home at dusk, you might want to consider calling an exterminator in Las Vegas. These nocturnal creatures will wreak havoc on your home, and it is not safe to leave them in your house. The exterminator can rid you of an infestation that can cause several health conditions, including rabies.


Do You Hear Bat Infestation Signs?

What if you are hearing squealing or squeaking noises at night? What should you do? When bats communicate with one another, they are making squealing and squeaking noises. Before you jump to any conclusions, it is essential to remember that if you hear these noises consistently during the night, you might need a bat infestation removal. Bats tend to make scratching and clawing on the walls and floor of the attic. You must note the time when you hear these strange noises. It will tell you if you are sharing your house with bats.


Do You See Bat Droppings and Urine?

Bat feces, or guano, in your attic, might at first appear to be a mice or rat infestation. But, if the black droppings you find in the attic shine when you shine them with light, they are bat feces. It is the first thing one would notice if they have an infestation of bats. The many insects a bat eats every night leaves these light specs in the bat feces. In addition to the wastes, you might find urine stains. They will have a strong odor of ammonia. The urine should be near the waste.