Bed bugs are some of the hardest bugs to get rid of. While there are ways to get rid of them naturally, calling an exterminator is the best option to choose.

Bed Bugs: DIY or Professional Extermination?

Have you ever gotten up after a good night’s rest and noticed bug bites all over you? They may show in patches and look really small. If you’ve noticed small red welts on various parts of your body, chances are you have bed bugs. Bed bugs are not fun to deal with. Once you see one, many more will show up. These bugs grow very quickly. With this knowledge, it’s crucial to get rid of them as quickly as possible. There are two options to look at when it’s time to get rid of bed bugs. You can either do it yourself or call an exterminator. There are pros and cons to both.


If you choose to DIY the entire project, you’ll need to purchase a few items. First, you’ll need to deep clean or throw away the linens that are currently on the bed. If you choose to keep them, wash them in very hot water. Vacuum and then steam the bed and surrounding areas with a heavy-duty steamer. Use powerful essential oils like tea tree and lavender to clean out the surrounding areas. There’s also a heavy-duty powder to sprinkle underneath and on top of the bed and mattress that can kill the bed bugs. There’s a lot of work involved and total elimination isn’t guaranteed. However, it is a gentler option for the body.

Professional Extermination

The professional exterminators in Las Vegas remove bugs for a living. They are well-equipped to handle situations with bed bugs. You won’t need to purchase or rent a steamer. You won’t have to get essential oils or powders. The only issue is that exterminators can be a bit expensive and the chemicals can be potentially harsh.

Which One to Choose?

Overall, while DIY tactics might be gentler on the body, they may not be as powerful to completely eliminate the problem. While one of the main concerns with extermination involves the use of chemicals, opening windows and allowing proper air circulation can easily eliminate that concern. It’s best to call an exterminator in Las Vegas. They have the tools to get to the root of the issue and prevent it from ever happening again.