How Dark Spots Can Indicate a Bedbug Infestation

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is something you will find yourself saying repeatedly after learning that there is an infestation in your home. These bugs act like hitchhikers and can come in on any upholstered furniture or clothing that you buy as well as stuffed animals and other items. Any dark spots that you see are a sign that you need to call an exterminator for assistance.

What are Those Dark Spots?

Though you may not want to hear it, those dark spots are often the waste that the bugs leave behind as they move. Some of the marks that you see, especially those that are dark brown or even black, can be some of the bugs that you squashed or hit as you rolled around at night. You’ll also want to look for bed marks and deeper brown marks that come from the blood they feed on and spill.

Where to Look for These Marks?

When you hire a pest control Las Vegas professional company, the exterminators will come in and look at a few specific areas of your home. They start with a look at all the mattresses and box springs that you own. The bugs can leave behind dark marks on the sides of the mattress or box spring and especially along the seams. They’ll also check underneath your bed and on the back of the headboard. Exterminators may check your dresser or nightstand drawers, along the baseboards and even inside your outlets and light switches.

Why Call a Bedbug Exterminator?

Calling a bedbug exterminator is important because it is impossible to kill these bugs on your own. Even if you kill each one that you see, those bugs can live deep inside your furniture and only come out while you’re asleep. The bugs can live for 12 full months without feeding too. To make your home feel clean and safe again, you need to call on local exterminators to get rid of those bugs.