Handle at Your Own Risk: Dangerous Pests You Should Avoid

When dealing with pest issues, some residents opt to handle the problem on their own. However, this strategy often backfires. This is especially true when dealing with potentially dangerous pests. Here are three risky pests that require you to seek professional help with pest control in Las Vegas.

Bark Scorpions

Known for hiding out in dark closets and behind walls, dark scorpions try to avoid human contact. Nonetheless, they will sting when provoked. If you happen to see one, keep your distance. This is considered to be the most venomous species in America. The symptoms of a bark scorpion bite usually last for at least 24 hours, which include vomiting and severe pain.

Western Black Widow

For good reason, the western black widow tends to trigger a great deal of fear. Not only does this spider look intimidating with its distinctive red markings, but it’s also poisonous. They typically like to take cover in basements and barns. When bitten by a western black widow, you should definitely get treated at the hospital. Profuse sweating and severe abdominal pain are just two of the common symptoms. Family pets are also at risk.

Fire Ants

Don’t judge a fire ant by its tiny size. These ants pack a powerful punch. Despite only being .25 inches long, they can even cause a full-grown adult to shout in pain. Unlike the other pests on this list, fire ants can be aggressive. You need to be especially careful around an entire colony of angry fire ants. The blisters will take a while to heal.