What Wood-boring Insects Are Common in Las Vegas?

Beyond the strip of Las Vegas, the first thing many people consider when they think about Nevada is the harsh desert climate. While these conditions are not conducive to many forms of wildlife, many insects still manage to find their way into homes. While some of these bugs are simply common annoyances like ants or cockroaches, there are others which constitute a much large problem.

Wood-boring insects are becoming an increasingly large problem in Las Vegas. These bugs are not just annoying – they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business. There are a variety of different offenders. Compared to more moist environments, termites are comparatively rare in Las Vegas. However, they are still a distinct possibility. More common, however, are beetles. Both the Powderpost Beetle and Common Wood-Boring Beetle are native to Las Vegas, and both can prove incredibly destructive.

What Are the Signs?

It is extremely important to be proactive when dealing with any form of wood-boring insect. Often, the damage is already done once the signs become obvious. Thus, it is crucial to perform periodic inspections of your property to ensure against insect attack. At least once every six months, take some time to inspect the structure, exterior, and attic of your home or business. Look carefully for any signs of boring or sawdust. If you find any damage or have any doubts, consult a professional immediately.

How Do You Find a Good Las Vegas Exterminator?

Once you know of or suspect wood-boring insect damage, it is imperative that you mitigate the problem quickly. Luckily, there are many highly qualified and professional exterminators in Las Vegas. Look for a Las Vegas exterminator with a great history for customer service and with an expertise in dealing with wood-boring insects. If caught early, an invasion of wood-boring insects will be merely a minor hiccup rather than a serious problem.