Key Clues That Birds Are Taking Over Your Home

For most homeowners, there is nothing wrong with seeing a few birds flying around the house first thing in the morning or during the evening. However, there are few things worse than the sight of dozens of birds perched on the roof or inside the attic. Here are a few signs that birds have taken over your property.

Birds Tend to Be Noisy

Birds are likely to make a lot of noise when flying around your attic. The noise is likely to be caused by flapping wings or the fact that they will run into walls or other objects in that space. They may also coo or make other noises to communicate with each other. The racket that they cause could last from the time the sun rises until the sun sets and the animals go to sleep.

Bird Droppings Could Be Visible Inside or Outside of the House

If you notice bird droppings on your car, driveway or alongside your home, it could be a sign that birds are living in or near your house. If you see bird droppings in the attic or in the garage, they are likely already living in your home. Droppings can cause physical damage to a home as well as cause health issues. Therefore, it may be a good idea to call a professional at pigeon extermination in Las Vegas to help remedy the issue.

Birds Can Breed Quickly

It doesn’t take long for one or two birds to lay dozens of eggs in your home. Furthermore, once a bird finds a suitable place to call home, it may attract others to your property as well. Therefore, it is critical that you seek help as soon as you find evidence of a possible bird infestation in your home.