How to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Las Vegas Home

With bed bug infestation being a hot topic, you may approach the subject in one of two ways. You may either believe that your home is immune to their presence, or you may worry that you could bring them into your house and not know it. For answers to a few common questions about detecting bed bugs in your Las Vegas home, read on.

Do You Need to Check for Bed Bugs If Your Home Is Immaculate?

Many people believe that bed bugs prefer dirty, cluttered areas. Because of this thought, you may believe that you do not need to check for bed bugs if your home is immaculate.

However, unlike other insects, bed bugs are not drawn to dirt or left-out food. Instead, they feed on blood — your blood. Even if you keep your house clean and tidy, they can still become a problem as they search for their next blood meal.

The Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation You Should Look For

When trying to identify the presence of bed bugs, there are a few telltale signs that you can look for. Even if you do not see the insects crawling around, you may wake up to unexplainable bites, especially on your arms. You may also see dusty red spots on your sheets where droplets of blood either came from the bites or represent the bugs’ fecal material. You should also look at the edges of your mattress for the presence of the bugs, as well as tiny dark brownish specks that are their eggs and larvae.

What Should You Do After Detecting Bed Bugs in Your Home?

If you do find bed bugs in your home, do not try to get rid of them yourself as they are difficult to locate and control once an infestation exists. Instead, look for a service that provides pest control in Las Vegas to have them take care of the problem for you.