Knowing more about the many issues that can be created by pigeons in a home or business will help you better understand why these issues occur in the first place.

Property Damage Caused by Pigeons and How to Prevent It

If you’ve never lived in the city before, you’re likely unaware of just how problematic groups of pigeons can be to a residential or commercial property, especially apartment buildings. Pigeons tend to spend time on rooftops, window ledges, and even warehouses. Flocks of pigeons can cause extensive damage to any building they spend a lot of time at. The key to keeping these issues at bay is to understand the most common types of damage caused by pigeons and how to prevent them.

Types of Damage Caused by Pigeons

There are many types of damage that can be caused by pigeons, the most common of which is done to rooftops. Pigeon droppings have very high acid content that can quickly degrade roofing material and eventually cause costly leaks. If pigeons continue to leave droppings on your roof, they can affect the life expectancy of the roof. Damage to machinery is also common due to the acidic droppings, particularly in regard to air conditioning equipment and insulation. Pigeon droppings can be very harmful to vehicles as well, eventually eroding the protective coating and paint. Also look out for damage created by nest fires, damage to ventilation systems, and damage to both food and chemicals.

How to Best Prevent This Damage

You can prevent most of the aforementioned issues without having to resort to killing the birds. Avoid feeding these pigeons and try not to leave food lying around where a pigeon can reach it. If pigeons can’t get to food around your home, they will find another place to stay. Since pigeons tend to spend a lot of time on window ledges and rooftops, make these areas as unattractive as possible by placing bird wires in the vicinity or by installing metal sheathing at 60-degree angles.

How to Keep Pigeons Away

If you wish to keep pigeons away for good, the most effective remedy is to request professionals to deal with such problems. They will have a better understanding of how to safely get rid of pigeons that have been making your life miserable. Don’t hesitate to search online for pigeon control in Las Vegas.