Don’t Be Surprised to Find These Pests in Your Attic

Understandably, many people are concerned about pests getting inside their home or commercial building. Although you may not notice them, some critters could be hanging out in your attic. Not only can these pests cause property damage, but they will also create unsanitary conditions. Here are three animals that enjoy nesting in attics.


Many people hate the thought of living with rats. Unfortunately, these nasty rodents can easily invade your attic by crawling through small holes. Because rats are such skilled climbers, they have no problem scaling roofs. Once inside your attic, rats will quickly start to wreak havoc by ripping apart insulation and leaving behind disgusting droppings. Even worse, it won’t be long before they start to seek refuge in other areas of your home.


Pigeon extermination in Las Vegas is especially important. If you don’t take action quickly, pigeons can become a big-time nuisance. They love roosting in warm, dry attics. While it’s not uncommon for homeowners to hear pigeons roaming in their attic, commercial buildings are even more appealing. Aside from making a mess, pigeons can create a fire hazard by bringing in flammable nesting materials. Furthermore, the property damage may prove to be even more costly. Pigeon feces contains a lot of acid, which can gradually eat away at your roof.


Squirrels are also prone to getting inside of your attic. These animals are especially troublesome during the wintertime. They’ll use your attic as a place to hibernate. Despite their cute appearance, squirrels are territorial creatures that won’t leave peacefully. This is why it’s important to evict them from your attic as soon as possible. Sharp teeth enable squirrels to gnaw holes and chew through electrical wires. The cost to repair the damage could be more than expensive than you think. Don’t forget about the potential for squirrels to bring in parasites like ticks and fleas.