Exterminator in work wear using pest control methods spraying pesticide with sprayer.

Pest Control Methods Exterminators Use in Your Home

Pest control is an essential part of human health. The damage caused by the pests can devastate the economy since they pose some danger to agriculture and housing properties. Depending on the types of pests, Henderson exterminators determine the most suitable pest control methods to use, including mechanical, biological, poisoned bait, physical, and the use of pesticides and trap cropping.

1. Biological Pest Control

This is a natural pest control method used to control pests while ensuring that the environment’s consequences are minimal. The treatment works by ensuring pests are killed by bacteria. For instance, bacteria can be introduced in water sources to kill mosquitoes. In this case, the main goal is to get rid of the pests without negatively affecting the environment.

2. Mechanical Pest Control Methods

This is a pest control method that entails the use of specific equipment to get the job done. The main focus is on creating a barrier between the insects and the plants. Such a pest control method attacks and removes the pests, preventing the further spread and destruction of the plants within the premises.

The still water is eliminated to ensure the pests do not have a home.

3. Poisoned Bait

Poisoned bait is used to get rid of rodents and insects. The main issue is that when the rats consume the poison, their meat is poisoned, which means you should get rid of them once the poison takes effect.

The main issue is that a larger animal may consume the poisoned meat and get infected. There are instances whereby humans have died after consuming the meat from an animal that had eaten the poisoned meat. Although the method is efficient, it is vital to exercise the necessary precaution.

4. Field Burning

This is a traditional method meant to get rid of pests and their eggs after the harvest. The field is burned to ensure it is clean.

5. Trap Cropping

This method entails using a plant to attract pests such that they are distracted from attacking other plants in the field. The pests will circle the set trap, making it easier to control them using pesticides or other pest extermination techniques.

6. Pesticides

Almost everyone can use pesticides. They come in different forms, including sprays, which means they are easy to use. The main issue is that such substances can cause cancer, and they are harmful to the environment.

The pest control methods listed above are effective; however, it is advisable to exercise the necessary caution when using pesticides. Professionals will ensure that the extermination process is safe for your home.