Battling critters in your home can be a frustrating experience, but pests are also drawn to hotels where a large number of tourists come in and out.  Hotels, motels and resorts have unique challenges when it comes to pest control. Below are some common pests that hotels have to stay ahead of to manage.




Having a roach infestation can quickly ruin a hotel’s reputation. Cockroaches are difficult to manage because they like to hang out in hard-to-reach areas behind walls and cabinets. Nevada is a habitat to a few different kinds of roach species, but the German cockroach is the type that most people think about when it comes to infestation. An accumulation of trash and discarded food in and around the structure make for an attractive home for cockroaches. They also travel in by shipments of goods or other boxes transported into the hotel. Common areas you might spot roaches in hotels are around drains, underneath and inside kitchen equipment, in ceilings, and around dumpster areas.


Bedbugs in Las Vegas have received much media attention lately. Like cockroaches, bed bugs are a difficult pest to manage because of their size and their ability to multiply quickly. In guests’ rooms, they are notorious for living in mattress folds, hence the name bed bugs, but they can also be found in blankets, curtains, carpets and clothing. While bedbugs are not considered dangerous or disease-carrying, their nighttime feeding habits can leave guests with itchy and uncomfortable bites or rashes.


Rats and mice are of particular concern because they can carry many different diseases that can be transmitted and are dangerous to human health. Rodents will frequent where food supply is available to them. Hotel kitchens and dumpster areas are common sites. Signs of rodent infestation include the presence of droppings and gnaw marks on doors, cabinets, boxes, and food containers.


Bats are a rather unique pest problem to Nevada. While generally considered beneficial because they feed on other pests and insects, a bat infestation can be a nuisance and frighten hotel guests. Bats can be seen nesting under overhangs or within other exterior structures. Bats can carry rabies and transmit the disease to humans, however, this is rare and they generally like to keep their distance from people.

Roaches, bedbugs, and rodents are the most common pests that hotels encounter and for which they will require professional pest management services. Performing regular inspections for signs of pests and taking quick action by calling a reputable and experienced Las Vegas pest control specialists ensure that hotel health and safety standards are met and guests have the best experience possible.