The inside your home isn’t the only place that annoying pests can pop up. Here’s a look at some of the most common pests you’ll find in your garden.

Common Pests That Destroy Your Garden

Growing a garden is a great way to add natural beauty to your home. Unfortunately, it’s also a prime way to attract pests. The two main ways to tell if you have pest problems are to see the pests with your own eyes or see the damage that they leave behind on your plants. Here are a few of the most common garden pests that will make you call an exterminator in Las Vegas.

Spider Mites

These red mites can be tough to see because of their small size. They typically live under the leaves of your plants and suck the sap right out of them. This creates a yellow mottling effect. If you have a big infestation, you may find very fine webs between your plants. Sometimes raising the humidity in your garden kills these annoying pests. Otherwise, you may need the help of a professional.

Leaf Miners

As the name suggests, these are pests that like to bury themselves into the leaves of your plants. They’re actually the larvae of other insects such as sawflies, moths, and beetles. You know when you have an infestation because their presence creates discolored blotches on the surface of the leaves, which typically form long trails. Leaf miners don’t cause too much damage to your plants, but they make your garden look unsightly.

Viburnum Beetles

Viburnum beetles are a problem for your garden in both larvae and adult form. They eat holes in the leaves of your plants, which hinders their growth and makes your garden appear unkempt. To make matters worse, these beetles are slow to grow, which means that they hang around your garden for a long time. It’s best to have these guys professionally dealt with.