Tips for Stopping a Bug Infestation in the Autumn

During the autumn months of the year, insect populations begin to decrease. However, you might notice an increase in the number of bugs in your home. It is important to identify the type of insect infestation and contact a local exterminator in Las Vegas in order to get rid of the problem.

Find Where the Bugs Get Into Your Home

Take a slow walk around the exterior perimeter of your home. Any tiny cracks, missing caulk, openings for utilities, air vents or connections for wires, plumbing or gas flues are places where bugs could get into the house. Small gaps or cracks in the foundation, concrete porch, door seal, weatherstripping or window screen could also let in some insects.

Identify the Type of Bug

An easy way to identify the type of bug infesting your home is to take a photo with your smartphone and access Google images. This can give you a short list or an exact identification of the bug. You could also find an insect identification website and enter the identifying details, such as the color, size, shape and markings.

Learn What Attracts the Insects to Your Home

Once you know which insects are in your home, find out what attracts them. Some are attracted to water. Others are attracted to rotting meat, sugar, warmth or something else. Try to eliminate what attracts the insects. If that type of insect is attracted to water, check for plumbing leaks. Only fill the dog’s bowl when it is thirsty, then dump out the rest. If you are unsure of the type of insect infestation, where they are getting in or why they are in your home, arrange for a pest control service to perform an inspection and pesticide application.