Roach infestations generally do not occur quickly, and there are steps that residents can take to ensure that their homes are not an attractive option.

Avoiding Cockroaches in the First Place

Roach infestations that are unavoidable can happen, but most of the scenarios that require professional cockroach extermination in Las Vegas could have been avoided. Many people think that as long as they are clean they are good, but your home may be prone to roaches due to environmental factors. If seasonal infestation seems unavoidable, then regular treatment may be your best option, but there are steps that most people can take to prevent that situation.

Home Inspections

Inspect the core components of your home at least every three years. Foundations are common problem areas. Imperfections in the foundation can provide roaches greater access, and moisture coupled with darkness can make it an inviting area. Hot water heaters are another area of concern particularly when there are cracks in the baseboards or floors near the appliance. Even your roof or HVAC system can be an issue if there are access points and excess moisture.

Safe Living Habits

People often have this perception that you have to be dirty to have cockroaches, but that is not always the case. An unclean home can be inviting to pests, but so can those brief lapses we all have. Leaving a dirty dish from a late-night snack in the sink may seem harmless, but it may also be the only invitation that a roach that has found its way up the pipe needs. Likewise, discard of trash every evening. It is better to use cheap bags that you can discard half full than to buy expensive bags you feel obligated to fill up.

Natural Remedies

If your home is prone to cockroaches for environmental reasons beyond your control, then you can employ some natural deterrence methods. These methods will not prevent an infestation or cure one, but they may deter that cockroach zero that sets the whole thing off. For instance, peppermint oil and the oils from tea trees naturally repel cockroaches. You can plant these items throughout your landscape, and even if you live in an apartment, you can have a peppermint plant on your windowsill.