How to Prepare your Home for an Extended Absence

Everyone likes to pack plan before they leave their house for an anticipated trip, but cleaning might not be high on the priority list. Whatever your usual routine, it is important to start including these pest prevention tips to avoid an infestation.

Outside the Home

When considering your pre-vacation routine, you are likely considering the inside, but the outside is just as important. Take the time to walk around the perimeter of your home to ensure there is no standing water. Typical places where water can accumulate are birdbaths, flower pots, kid pools, and any other upturned container.

Additionally, it is a good idea to check your windows and screens, to make sure all your trash is picked up or that you have the bins closed, and make sure any tree branches are trimmed back to keep both the branches and bugs from damaging your home.

Inside the Home

Inside, there are obvious things to do like taking the trash out, but it is also a good idea to not leave clutter, dog food, or unsealed foods out. Make sure all your windows are closed and that you do not have open food in the pantry or cabinets. It is also a good idea to throw out any perishable foods that will go bad before your return (simply because of potential bad odors!).

When You Get Back

When you get home to your clean, good smelling and pest free home, you are not quite done! Remember to wash all of your vacation clothes in hot water and wipe down your luggage. You will have less likelihood of any pests traveling home if you are certain to not place your luggage on the ground of your hotel room. Try to use the rack provided in most rooms or set it in a chair or on a desk.

Following these simple steps, and taking a little care, will save you a lot of grief in the long run. If you are still faced with an invasion of pests, however, you are only a phone call away from an exterminator in Las Vegas.