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Exterminator Roaches Pros Can Identify Similar Bugs

Roaches are one of the worst types of bugs you might see around your Las Vegas home. They can carry diseases and spread feces through each room. While there are three kinds of roaches found in the area, there are also bugs that look similar. Get an idea of which bugs look like roaches before you call an exterminator roaches pro for help.

Las Vegas Roaches

Before you start calling around for Las Vegas exterminating, try to figure out if you have roaches or just a book that looks similar. American roaches are quite common in the city. They are usually a deep reddish-brown color and measure up to three inches long. Oriental roaches are black and shiny. They’re also a little smaller and look similar to beetles. Vegas is also home to German roaches, which have two stripes of black on their heads and tan bodies. These roaches are much smaller than American roaches.


If you see black bugs running around your house, try to get close enough to determine if you have a roach or cricket problem. Crickets are just one of the bugs that look like roaches. Keep your ears out for any sounds made by the bugs. While roaches usually do not make any noises, crickets produce a chirping sound, which is how they got their name. You’ll also find that crickets are solid black and do not have any stripes or other markings.


You may come across an earwig and call exterminators in Las Vegas for help because you think you have roaches. These bugs often sleep during the day and become more active at night in the same way roaches do. If you turn on the lights and see dark bugs rushing across your floor, you don’t necessarily have a roach problem. Try to get a close look at the bug’s head. Earwigs have pincers that you can clearly see near their abdomens. Roaches do not have pinchers.

Water Bugs

Many people confuse water bugs with roaches, especially since Oriental roaches look like these bugs. One reason you may confuse them is that they are the same color and roughly the same size as roaches. While they both look for water sources in your home, water bugs stick close to those sources. You’ll often find them near the water lines running into your home and near leaky pipes. Roaches often look for places that are darker and offer more privacy such as your basement. They also appear around areas where they have a food source like your kitchen.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a common insect that wreaks havoc on homes of all types. You can bring home these bugs when you buy a new piece of furniture, but they can also stick to your bags and clothing. Baby bed bugs are around the same size as roaches, but they are a different type of insect. While some roaches can fly, bed bugs can also crawl or climb. You’ll often find them on your mattress or around your pillows, but they can also live in furniture, moldings, and even outlets. A common sign you have bed bugs is when you or anyone in your home has clear bites.

Flour Beetles

Flour beetles are another common insect that looks similar to roaches. Exterminator roaches professionals will often ask where you saw the bugs. While roaches leave in places where they have easy access to crumbs and other food sources, flour beetles stick to dried goods. You may find them living in your pantry or on your kitchen counter. They will seek other sources when flour isn’t available such as sugar, crackers, and cereal. Flour beetles cannot fly and scurry from one spot to another. If you can get close enough to see the antenna, you should notice a small club on each end. Roaches do not have clubbed antennae.

Stink Bugs

If you ever squished a bug before and detected a strange odor, the odds are good that you killed a stink bug. These bugs are often brown and are close in size to roaches. You may see them clinging to your windows or leaving close to another entrance. Some types of stink bugs are a paler shade of brown or gray. They can breed just as quickly as roaches do and may even breed faster. They usually avoid kitchens and other busy areas of your home. You’ll see them during the day, too. Roaches often only come out during the day when you have a big infestation.


Flea and bee exterminators can help you tackle a home infestation. You don’t need to have pets to develop a flea problem, but fleas usually affect your animals. They can even make your pets develop a condition called flea anemia that can lead to their death. Baby fleas look similar to some types of roaches but are more brown than red. They can jump quite high and leap from your pets to other areas around your home. In addition to feeding on your pets, fleas can also feed on humans. With an exterminator roaches professional, you can get rid of these and other bugs.

When to Call in the Exterminator Roaches Pros

There is nothing worse than seeing a brown or black bug running across your floor in the middle of the night. Both roaches and other insects can also come out during the day. You might see them climbing on your appliances, walking across your walls, or living in your cat’s litter box. Roaches look for easy food sources and often live in dark and damp areas. The best time to call for extermination Las Vegas help is when you see bugs but aren’t sure what they are. A professional exterminator can quickly identify the bug and come up with the best way to treat your home. You never know when you might see a bug that looks like a roach but is a different bug. Exterminating those insects will keep your home and family safe.

Get Help with Bugs That Look Like Roaches

While Las Vegas is home to three types of roaches, all three are similar to some of the other bugs you see in the city. With exterminators, Las Vegas residents don’t need to worry about dealing with those insects every day. Depending on where you see the bugs, you might have a problem with fleas, earwigs, flour beetles, stink bugs, water bugs, or crickets. Don’t spend another day worrying about the insects you see. Reach out to an exterminator roaches professional to kill roaches and other bugs and ensure they do not come back.