dead roaches in a home's living area

Four Signs You Need a Cockroach Exterminator

Roaches have a knack for invading local homes and businesses. Once these insects begin to multiply in number, you’ll soon be facing a big headache. Not only are roaches known for spreading creating unsanitary conditions, but they can also trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Here are four key signs you need to call in an exterminator to deal with a potential roach problem.

Musty Odor

If your home has developed a musty odor, there’s a good chance you have a roach problem. These insects naturally give off a certain pheromone, which tends to smell funky. The decomposing bodies of dead roaches can cause an even more putrid stench to linger in the air. To eliminate the problem, a roach exterminator will need to treat your home.

Roach Egg Capsules

Be on the lookout for egg capsules. They typically look like small, brown pills. Each of these capsules can contain up to 30 nymphs, which can lead to an even more serious infestation the longer you wait.

Living Roaches

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures. This is why we don’t tend to see as many of these insects during the day. If you see a roach scamper across the floor after turning on a light, don’t wait to take action. There may be dozens more somewhere hiding out of sight.

Roach Droppings

Roach droppings resemble coffee grounds and black pepper. From counters to floors, there are a number of different places in your home where you may discover droppings. Don’t be surprised to find droppings in your kitchen. Because roaches can contaminate food, they put your family at risk of getting sick. Salmonella food poisoning is especially common. This illness can cause you to experience stomach cramps and diarrhea for up to a week.