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3 Biological Explanations Why Pigeons Always Return to Your Home

Pigeons are an annoying pest, especially when they roost on your roof. It’s frustrating when you chase off a flock of pigeons only to have them return a few hours later. It turns out that there are biological behaviors that explain why pigeons keep coming back to your home, making it nearly impossible to eradicate them from your neighborhood without help. Proper pigeon control is one of the only ways to keep these birds away from good.

They Have a Strong Homing Sense pest control near me

Pigeons are known for their ability to find their roost no matter where they are. Studies have shown that pigeons can sense the Earth’s magnetic fields, which accounts for their homing sense.
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Since pigeons can find their way home, they’ll be able to find your home no matter how many times you chase them away. Once they’ve begun nesting in one location, their biology calls them back over and over.

They’re Constantly Raising Babies

Pigeons are monogamous, which means they keep one mating partner for their entire lifespans. A mating couple will produce up to five broods each year. This is an astounding amount compared to other bird species. In fact, if the weather is warm, they will continue breeding throughout the year and produce as many clutches and broods as possible. This poses a problem for pigeon control in Las Vegas.

Baby pigeons are rarely seen because they don’t leave the nest until near adulthood. While you might be able to chase the parents away, the babies are tucked safely in the nest. This means the adult birds will have a reason to continually fly back to your home to save their chicks.

They Have a Great Sense of Smell

Many species of birds have a very advanced, complex sense of smell. This sense helps them not only to find their nests, their mates and their chicks, but it also helps them find food. If pigeons smell food in an area, it’s likely that they’ll start to gather. They’re also used to certain areas based on smell, which aids their homing sense.

To make matters worse, pigeons may also be able to smell a lack of predators in a region. Since other predatory birds and prowling cats are unlikely to be found in great numbers near houses, residential areas are perfect for a pigeon scenting for danger.

When to Call Pest Control pest control near me

If you have an existing pigeon problem, you want the birds gone and to prevent them from returning. At Buddies Exterminating, we offer Las Vegas pigeon removal and pigeon control among our many services. Trapping the birds on your site gets them out of your hair temporarily. To keep the birds at bay, our Las Vegas pigeon control system incorporates screening, netting, and spikes to discourage birds from ever coming back to your property.

If you are tired of dodging bird droppings on your porch or washing your car daily to keep it clean, call us at Buddies Exterminating. We have been in the extermination business since 1962, helping homeowners get rid of pests all throughout the Vegas Valley.

Your pigeon problem will not solve itself. Professional removal and control is the only way to prevent the serious damage to your home these birds can cause. Our proven removal and control techniques for pigeons will help you to reclaim your home from these birds.

Contact Buddies Exterminating by visiting our website or calling 702-878-3998 today.

Updated 4/2/21