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Bee Exterminators Share Valuable Info About Bees

You may have seen that as the weather warms up during the summer, bees of all types seem to appear out of nowhere. Depending on the bee, you can say that the bees “come out of the woodwork.” During the summer months, bee exterminators have their work cut out for them. The basic characteristic that defines a bee and distinguishes it from other flying creatures with a similar pattern is that bees have fur on their body. Of course, most people are too afraid of getting stung to get close enough to see whether they are dealing with bees or not. Many people say if it buzzes like a bee and looks like a bee, it is a bee.

Not All Bees Are Seen the Same

Honeybees are typically seen as being kind and friendly. The exception is people who are allergic to their sting. Even if people don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about honeybees, most people don’t despise them.

Part of this is because most people enjoy the taste of honey. Many people are impressed by the bee’s ability to create intricate hives and the role that bees play in pollinating flowers. Honeybees are seen as essential for human life because many farm crops would not survive without them.

Other flying creatures with similar coloration as bees do not receive the same love. Most people despise wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets. These creatures are aggressive and only do well with their own kind. Honeybees are not known for aggression. Wasps and yellow jackets, on the other hand, will violently defend their nests. A honeybee will die after stinging you one time. Wasps will continue to sting you without losing their lives.

Despite their bad reputation, wasps do a lot of good for the environment. Many are surprised to learn that these pesky creatures are pollinators. They attack other insects, like mosquitoes, that are pests. While honeybees do a fantastic job at building intricate hives, wasps make impressive paper nests.

Carpenter bees do not garner the same affection that honeybees do. Carpenter bees can devour wood quickly. They don’t make beautiful hives or nests. Instead, they live in the tunnels of decaying trees, or they may live in the soffits of your home. Most people don’t realize that carpenter bees can sting. If you get too close to their home, they become aggressive and will start to dive-bomb you. Exterminators in Las Vegas will frequently get calls because carpenter bees have built their nest too close to a family’s home.

Not All Honeybees Are Good Honeybees

Africanized honeybees are also referred to as “bee killers.” It is difficult to tell the difference between Africanized honeybees and honeybees that are indigenous to North America or Europe. The only perceptible difference is that the European honeybee is a little bit larger than the Africanized honeybee.

Contrary to common belief, the venom from the sting of an Africanized honeybee is not more powerful than any other honeybee. The difference between the two types of bees is that the Africanized strain is aggressive in defending its hive. If you stumble across a hive, or you disturb it, a swarm of bees will attack you.

Honeybees will only chase their victims for a short distance. However, Africanized honeybees will follow their victims for a long time. That is why they have been referred to as honeybees with an unfriendly disposition.

Are Bumblebees Good Bees or Bad Bees?

When you look at bumblebees, they resemble carpenter bees. The only difference is that the hairs on their back are yellow and black. Carpenter bees are smooth and shiny in their rear body segment.

Bumblebees typically nest underground. They are social insects. They get almost all of their food from flowers. Most people don’t know that bumblebees make honey. The difference is that they make a lot less honey than honeybees, so it is not practical to sell it.

Like honeybees, bumblebees are good pollinators. However, they are not as good of pollinators as honeybees. There are just a handful of crops that thrive in cooler temperatures that need bumblebees for effective pollination.

Bumblebees are not as aggressive and don’t have the same numbers in their colonies as honeybees. Females can sting repeatedly. The nice thing about bumblebees is that they will typically only sting and only attack if their nest is disturbed. A bumblebee sting is going to hurt. However, they are usually not dangerous unless a person is stung on the head or neck. They are also dangerous to people who are allergic to bee stings. Most people would include bumblebees in the neutral category. They are not as beneficial as honeybees, but they are not as aggressive or dangerous as wasps.

Bee Exterminators Share a Few Words about Sweat Bees

Sweat bees are known for their unique appearance. They are small and usually have a metallic or a shiny green appearance. Sweat bees rely on pollen and nectar. When you see them fly, they have a surprising amount of pollen on their hind legs compared to the size of their body.

Unfortunately, sweat bees can be problematic. They are called sweat bees because they are attracted to the scent of human perspiration. The males do not sting. However, females can sting and will sting, especially if you try to swat them off your body. Thankfully, the sting of these bees is considered to be only mildly painful. However, because of their attraction to human sweat, it is fair to say that these bees fall squarely in the bad category and necessitate a bee exterminator in Las Vegas that handles all types of pests.

Impressive Mason Bees

When you watch Mason bees fly, you feel like you are looking at small fighter jets. They are metallic in color, ranging from blue to green. Unlike bumblebees or honeybees, Mason bees do not carry pollen on their legs. They use the hair that is under the abdomen to carry it.

Mason bees are generalists. They are not picky about the flowers they pollinate. They just look for what is nearest to their nest.

Male Mason bees don’t sting. However, females technically can sting. But Mason bees are docile and rarely sting. They only sting if they are being handled roughly or if they get caught on your clothing. However, because of their docile nature and the effectiveness of their pollination, these bees land squarely in the good bee category, meaning you won’t need a bee exterminator.

Dealing With Bees

If you have a bee nest around your home, don’t try to deal with it yourself. It is best to talk with a pest control Las Vegas specialist. A bee exterminator understands how to handle bees and will remove them in a way that is safe for you and the bees.