Bee exterminatorsContact Bee Exterminators After Finding Carpenter Bees or Honey Bees in Your Home

If you find bees in your home, you may want to contact bee exterminators to determine whether they are honey bees or carpenter bees. These two bee species have similar stinging habits; they are not aggressive stingers. Carpenter bees sting several times while honey bees only sting once.

For you to know the difference between these two bee species, you need to look at them closely since their appearances are different. Carpenter bees have shiny, hairless abdomens, while honeybees have colorful hairy abdomens. These abdomens have either orange and brown bands or black and brown bands. The lengths of these bee species are also different. Honeybees usually measure around half an inch long, while carpenter bees measure an inch long.

Different effects are associated with these two bee species, especially after they invade a home. Below are more details on these effects.

The Damaging Effects of Honeybees

Honey bees are known for their surplus storage and production of honey. People have domesticated these bees for crop pollination and honey production. These bees have hairy bodies and are brown and mustard yellow in color. You are likely to find them in your home if your home is located near a big town or city. These bees usually live in colonies.

When these bees are in your home- they can sting you or the people living in your home. When one of these bees stings you, it will leave its stinger on your skin. This stinger is usually barbed and has a venom sack attached to it. The sac can inject venom into your skin if the stinger is not removed immediately, causing some pain.

These bees can also damage the structural elements of your home. For instance, when the bee colony becomes large and heavy, it can cause damages to roofs, walls, and chimneys. Melting wax and honey from the bees can also stain your walls.

These bees can also build hives in your home. The hives usually give out a very bad smell that usually attracts rodents, insects, and other pests. That is why it is advisable to also look for a rat exterminator and a roach exterminator when looking for bee exterminators.

How Bee Exterminators Will Help You Get Rid of Honeybees in Your Home

To ensure that honeybees do not damage your home’s structural elements, you should look for bee exterminators immediately you notice that there are honeybees in your home. Buddies Exterminating is an example of a good bee exterminator in Las Vegas. The company offers pest control services to the people living in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Silverado, and Boulder City.

When you contact them, the professionals will come to your home and look for the beehive. After identifying it, they will not block the hive’s exit since doing this will make the bees move to another area in your home. Instead, they will remove the beehive and exterminate all the honeybees in your home.

After they offer bee extermination services, you should clean the area where the beehive was. If you fail to clean this area, other insects and pests will get attracted to the area. You should also seal the entry points that the honeybees had made.

If you notice that some honey bees outside your house did not die, you should put mothballs in a muslin cloth and put the cloth near the newly made beehive. Bees will start disappearing since they hate the smell of mothballs.

The Damaging Effects of Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees usually look like bumblebees. They are usually purplish, metallic blue, black, or greenish-black in color. During the spring season, you may see them hovering around your home.

Unlike honeybees, carpenter bees live individually. Therefore, never expect to see a colony of carpenter bees. They usually excavate tunnels in woods. When making tunnels, they make an entrance hole in wood whose size is similar to the size of your small finger. After making a small tunnel, they usually make a right-angle turn and continue excavating. You may hear tunneling sounds coming from woods when these bees are at work. After they are done, they make chambers where they house their eggs. The bees usually seal the chambers using wood pulp.

From the above explanation, it is clear that the bees can cause structural and cosmetic damages to your home. For instance, they can damage your outdoor furniture, wooden roofs, fascia boards, siding, and rafters. They can also make holes in the wooden surfaces in your home, facilitating moisture intrusion, decay, and rot.

Carpenter bees can also be a source of nuisance in your home. Although male carpenter bees do not sting, their presence in your home can cause a lot of unrest in your home, especially when they decide to hover in front of people.

On the other hand, female carpenter bees can sting you or the people living in your home. Their sting is usually painful and can cause an allergic reaction. If you get multiple bee stings, the venom can accumulate in your skin, making you feel sick. Some of the symptoms associated with multiple bee stings are nausea, convulsions, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting.

How to Control Carpenter Bees With Help From Bee Exterminators

To ensure that carpenter bees do not cause any damage in your home, you need to control them. A well-reputed bee exterminator can help you do this. This exterminator will apply dust insecticides or liquid aerosol into the tunnel openings made by the carpenter bees. These aerosols and insecticides usually contain lambda-cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, and cyfluthrin.

The carpenter bees in your home will distribute the applied insecticide or aerosol throughout the nest tunnel. This insecticide will help exterminate all the bees that get into the tunnel. After all the carpenter bees in your home are exterminated, you should put a wooden dowel piece in the entrance hole that the bees had made. Doing this will help prevent moisture intrusion into the tunnel and wood decay. You should also treat all the wooden surfaces in your home, especially the ones susceptible to attack by carpenter bees.

Honeybees and carpenter bees are some of the bee species that can cause a lot of damage in your home. They can sting the people living in your home and destroy your home’s structural elements. Carpenter bees, in particular, can destroy your home’s outdoor furniture, wooden roof, and rafters. That is why you need to look for bee exterminators immediately after you notice that there are bees in or around your home.