bee exterminatorsWorking With Professional Bee Exterminators to Find Humane Solutions

As an average, everyday home or business owner, it’s tough to know the difference between a helpful honeybee and a dangerous pest. A potential threat on your Las Vegas property calls for fast, safe, and effective solutions. Trained, professional bee exterminators offer humane services that will solve the problem without damaging our natural ecosystem or its inhabitants.

Part of the problem is that bees look an awful lot like other insects that damage property and attack humans. Bumblebees and wasps are both winged, stinging creatures, and they can have the same black and yellow stripes. They also build hives in the same locations, including the eaves of your roof, chimneys, holes, and the hollows of trees.

But, that’s where the similarities end.

In general, bees are non-violent and will only sting when provoked or threatened. Otherwise, they just go about the business of cross-pollination and making honey.

Wasps and hornets will also sting when provoked, but they are more aggressive and can attack without provocation. The materials they use and places they build their nests also lead to property damage by weakening structures.

For your own safety, you need to find experienced pest control in Las Vegas.

Humane Bee Relocation: What Is It and Why Is It Done?

There’s no doubt that a bee’s sting is painful. For those who are allergic, they can also be deadly.

However, bees are as essential to our survival as we are to theirs.

When you see a honey bee flitting from flower to flower, they’re providing a vital service by pollinating our future food and foliage. Without them, we would experience food shortages and the complete disappearance of a range of vital plants.

Can you imagine a world without fresh fruit or flowers?

Bees don’t just feed humans and beautify the natural world. The hard work of these industrious insects also helps prevent soil erosion and ensures that livestock can eat by pollinating a range of grasses, crops, and trees.

Although not yet endangered, American bumblebees are a threatened species. According to government studies, the population of bumblebees in the US has declined by 99 percent of their historic levels over the past 20 years. In fact, they’ve disappeared completely in eight US states.

That’s why it’s important to find a removal process that’s safe and humane!

Humane bee extermination means finding a company that’s environmentally responsible and knowledgeable about the issues. They need to know the difference between a beneficial bumblebee and a vicious hornet or yellow jacket. Solutions range from retrieving hives from places that are inhabited by humans and relocating them to safe, designated areas to donating them to local bee keepers. Individual bees will follow their hive.

However, these solutions can be tricky. This is a dangerous job for non-professionals, so it’s important to find exterminators who have the right tools and experience.

Choosing the Right Bee Exterminators for the Job

If you notice a large bee population on your property or you see a hive near your home, don’t try to use commercial sprays, take down the nest, or kill the insects. Stay away and call a professional to come out and assess the problem.

But, what should you look for in an exterminator?

You wouldn’t ask an accountant to prepare a court case, so why choose a rat exterminator to resolve your bee infestation? When it comes to pest control in Las Vegas, you need a company that provides services that fit the problem.

The best way to begin is to check their website or call the company and ask if their services include humane bee extermination or removal. Not all pest control companies in Las Vegas provide this service.

Next, you want to find out if the company has the necessary tools for safe, effective removal. The last thing you want is for a return of the problem next year.

Unless their habitat has been reduced by construction or deforestation, bees tend to locate their hive far away from humans and domestic animals. Complete removal can also mean accessing buildings, looking into walls or chimneys, or otherwise damaging small areas of your property and structures.

That means the exterminator you choose should have a knowledge of bee habitats and habits as well as tools like ladders, mini cameras, and thermometers.

Other than the odd straggler or two, bees don’t always pop up by surprise. If they’ve been around long enough to be noticed, they’ve been on your property long enough to build a nest. You should also find out if the company offers emergency services or if you need to book in advance.

The next consideration is licensing and insurance. Pest control and removal is dangerous to the inexperienced, and some people don’t know they’re allergic to bee venom until they’ve been stung. That means you should choose a company with experience in bee removal as well as licensing and insurance against the unexpected.

Cost should be your final consideration. This includes not only the cost for their services, but information about payments for things like maintenance and prevention. Do they guarantee complete removal the first time or will they need to return? If so, is this a monthly or annual contract? Do they offer service guarantees or other perks like free initial consolations?

Last, but not least, make sure that you get referrals from past and current customers. Reputable companies will include testimonials on their website, and they’ll never be afraid to give you the names of people they’ve worked with in the past. You can also local humane bee exterminators by searching the internet or contacting local beekeepers associations.

Taking care of bees humanely isn’t for the inexperienced or faint of heart. It takes knowledge, the right tools, and courage. You want to keep your family and visitors safe while protecting the environment. The last thing you want is a problem that keeps coming back from season to season.