bee exterminatorsBee Exterminators Will Control These 5 Bee Problems

Bees are one of the many pests that can enter a home and should not be ignored. The exact type of damage can vary depending on the species of bee that you have, but almost all bees can produce trouble if you don’t take care of an infestation soon enough. If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your home and you have noticed bees around the house, then talk to bee exterminators to fix your problem before it gets out of hand. The following are five types of bee problems:

1. Exterminate Honeybees That Damage Insulation and the Wallboard

If you have a honeybee infestation in your walls or attic, you might notice some extra noise. The infestation can also damage your insulation and walls. This is because bees, their comb, and honey weigh quite a bit. In fact, hives can weigh up to 80 pounds. It’s not just the extra weight that a honeybee hive places on a structure that causes damage, but all the honey and the wax will also cause a sticky mess. You can try to get rid of this mess by yourself, but a honeybee exterminator will know the best ways to get rid of the bees and the mess that they left behind.

2. Control Honeybees That Can Attract Other Insects and Animals

When honeybees leave behind wax and honey on the exterior of a house, it doesn’t look pretty, but the bigger issue is that the wax and honey can also attract other insects and animals. This means even more infestations. Flies, moths, ants, and other species of bees also like the honey, so your house could be crawling with critters you don’t want. When a bee exterminator goes to your house to get rid of a honeybee infestation, they will get rid of the bees and take off the wax and honey that’s likely to draw in more insects and animals.

3. Bee Exterminators in Las Vegas Get Rid of Bees That Move Materials in Your Attic and Walls

It doesn’t seem like a little bee could move around things like insulation and wood, by when there’s a whole hive of them, they can and will do a lot of damage to the materials in your home. They do this to more room to make their hive. In fact, when they move enough of the building materials for your home to make theirs, this can even weaken the structure of your home and cause bigger problems. For instance, if the insulation isn’t in place, you’ll lose heat. But when bees move materials, they could also open certain areas of your home up to water damage from leaks, which could cause mold problems.

If you think that you might have a bee infestation, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in other repairs by having a bee exterminator go to your property to remove the bees and identify where the damage is located sooner rather than later. In fact, even a few weeks could mean the difference of thousands of dollars in repair costs.

4. Get Rid of Carpenter Bees That Will Bore Into Wood

While you might think that carpenter bees eat wood, they just bore into it and leave columns of holes, where they will stay in the winter and lay their eggs. These holes are damaging to the wood. In fact, carpenter bees can drill about an inch every five to six days, but you can easily fill in the holes with some wood putty, which will prevent the problem from getting worse in that area. Carpenter bees will drill into almost any wood, including wooden fences and the siding on your home. Another option is to call a bee exterminator to take care of your carpenter bee problems. They’ll use spray pesticides on the holes to deter the bees from coming back to the wood. Usually, they’ll need to do this several times throughout the spring, summer, and fall to prevent carpenter bees from coming back.

5. Use Bee Exterminators Because Honeybees Can Be Aggressive

We usually think of honeybees as one kind of bee we wouldn’t mind having around, but they can be aggressive, especially if they have a comb filled with honey and larvae to defend. Having a honeybee infestation in the wrong place can be just as much of a nuisance as a wasp’s nest, and they can make people just as nervous. For people who are allergic, bee stings can cause a reaction that in some instances can be fatal. Even people who aren’t allergic won’t enjoy the pain of being stung and will likely experience some swelling around the sting site. Any honey that you might get from the comb won’t be worth having with the bees around. And besides, you may not know how to remove any honey from the comb safely anyways.

Having a bee exterminator come to your property to get rid of honeybees is a worthwhile investment. Whether you have a hive of honeybees on a tree branch, under one of the eaves on your house, or around the garden, a bee exterminator will know the best way to reach the hive and get rid of the bees so that they don’t come back.

Help From Professional Bee Exterminators

When you think that you might have a bee nest around your property, either on the outside of your house, inside the house, or on a branch near where your home is located, it’s best to contact an exterminator so that they can address the problem as soon as possible. Getting to a hive and taking care of the problem sooner rather than later can save you the frustration of having to clean up bigger messes, fill in holes from insects, deal with the hassle of a swarm during a party, or deal with an infestation of bees and other insects inside your home or around the exterior.

If you need a roach exterminator or rat exterminator in Las Vegas, or if you need any other kind of pest control in Las Vegas, including bee extermination, you should contact Buddies Exterminating. We have the techniques and services that your home needs to stay free of pests that can damage your house and make your life uncomfortable. So, call us today.