exterminator roachesAn Exterminator for Roaches Reveals 10 Household Problems Caused by Cockroaches

Does the sight of a cockroach give you the creeps? These tenacious home invaders are more than an embarrassment. According to a professional exterminator for roaches, even a mild infestation will result in a range of household problems.

Top 10 Problems Caused by Cockroaches

1. Cockroaches carry disease.

This is probably the number one concern that exterminators in Las Vegas hear from their customers. We all know that insects are generally nasty, but the cockroach forages for food in garbage cans, stagnant water, and even piles of feces. One of their favorite food sources is dead bugs and animals.

If you are what you eat, then cockroaches are comprised of whatever viruses and bacteria are contained in the foods they consume and whatever environment they inhabit.

A short list of infectious agents spread by roaches includes:

• Intestinal parasites
• Salmonella
• E.coli
• Polio

2. Roaches cause respiratory problems.

It’s long been known that breathing in insect remains and refuse triggers respiratory problems. However, extensive research has uncovered the link between living in an infested environment and developing asthma in pre-school children. Those who already have chronic respiratory conditions experience more frequent and severe symptoms.

Why is this?

For the same reason that some people are sensitive to dust and other environmental allergens. Droppings and pieces of dead insects become airborne whenever the surfaces they rest on are disturbed by vacuuming, dusting, and other movement. Once in the lungs, they cause irritation, inflammation, and coughing. Over time and with constant exposure, chronic conditions develop and progress.

3. Cockroaches make your house smell bad.

When in a home that’s infested with roaches, you may notice a very particular smell. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s very distinctive. That roach scent is due in part to disintegration of dead roaches or shedding, roach feces, and the general smell of decay in the conditions of roach nesting areas.

Another factor that contributes to the musty, oily aroma of cockroaches is pheromones called cuticular hydrocarbons that are excreted by the insects. These chemicals create scent trails used to warn of danger, regulate reproduction, and guide other roaches to food and nesting areas.

Although such tiny insects don’t excrete large amounts of these chemicals, they permeate every area where roaches live and explore. Anyone who has visited a home infested with cockroaches has experienced the power of small secretors in large numbers.

4. Roaches make a mess.

Between dragging food back to their nest and droppings, roaches leave a trail of crumbs and general nastiness behind them. Unfortunately, those are just the messes you can see. You also have to contend with the bacteria and other remnants of these disgusting insects getting into every nook and cranny of your home.

5. They’ll destroy your reading materials.

One of the little-known facts about cockroaches is their diet. Although they like rotting garbage and spilled food, they also really enjoy eating the glue that holds your books together. No one is sure why cockroaches feast on book bindings, but anyone with roaches will notice that they tend to collect on bookshelves, in the spines of books, and in other paper materials that contain certain glues.

6. Your building materials aren’t safe, either.

This problem is somewhat related to the previous issue. Although roaches don’t actually feast on building materials in the same way as termites or carpenter ants, they will destroy these materials by eating the glue that holds them together. Roaches also weaken structures with sheer numbers, crowding out insulation and wiring in walls and placing extra weight and strain on building materials.

7. Roaches waste time.

Consider how much more cleaning you have to do when you’re dealing with roaches. That is time that’s better spent on more enjoyable activities. Your days become consumed with tracking roaches and trying to trap and kill them. Once you realize that the problem is beyond your control, you’ll spend more time finding reliable exterminators in Las Vegas and coordinating treatment schedules that don’t interfere with your job and other obligations.

8. Cockroach infestations cost money.

Then, there is the amount of money you’ll spend on roach traps, sprays, cleaning products, and replacing food. If you don’t want them to get into your pantry, you’ll need to spend more money on airtight containers to keep the little buggers out of your cornflakes. Pest control services cost money, too, but they’re more of an investment in peace of mind.

9. They will mess with your head, too.

Speaking of peace of mind, there are many ways that cockroaches mess with your head. There’s the embarrassment of having roaches in your home to begin with. You’ll also spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about whether a roach will pop out of a box from your cupboard, crawl into your child’s backpack, or skitter across the table while you’re eating breakfast. Do you lie awake wondering what they doing while you’re asleep at night?

All of these things add up and lead to anxiety, stress, and other issues that will rob you of any feelings of peace, happiness, or comfort in your home.

10. Roaches are virtually indestructible.

One of the biggest problems with roaches is their tenacity. These little creatures can survive for long stretches of time without food, live on a single drop of water for days, and continue to exist without their head for several weeks. It’s even rumored that they will be one of the few living things to withstand a nuclear blast.

What’s more, a female cockroach only needs to mate one time in order to reproduce for the entirety of their life span.

It’s this level of invincibility that makes them so frightening and difficult to control. Add to that their ability to breed quickly, hide in the smallest crack or crevice, and the number of baby roaches birthed from a single egg sack, and you can see why it’s essential to get professional help as soon as you see the signs of an infestation.

Avoid These Problems by Contracting a Professional Exterminator for Roaches

Cockroaches won’t go away on their own. When you’re looking for effective pest control Las Vegas, find an exterminator roaches fear.

The ideal pest control company will:

• Have a history of successful pest elimination
• Perform an on-site estimate
• Offer options for mitigation and treatment

You should also check to make sure that your exterminator is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Feel free to ask questions. It’s important that you fully understand the extermination process and how their methods will impact your household, pets, and people. Your pest control expert can even provide you with tips and measures to put into place so that you can avoid a recurrence of the problem.