Dealing With a Summer Ant Infestation

When the weather starts to heat up during the summer, ants will be out in full force. While these insects may be tiny, they have the potential to cause major trouble. Not only do ants contaminate food, but they can also worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. Meanwhile, carpenter ants can cause property damage by tunneling through wooden structures. Here are a few steps that you can take when dealing with a summer ant infestation.

Remove Food Sources

It’s no secret that ants are drawn by food sources. Just a few bread crumbs can nourish an entire ant colony. To help deter ants from your home, be sure to make housekeeping a big priority. Regularly sweeping the floor and wiping down your kitchen counters can make a big difference. Never wait to clean up spills, which will quickly attract the attention of ants. It’s also important to keep a lid on your trashcans at all times.

Eliminate Potential Ant Nesting Sites

During the summertime, be sure to eliminate potential nesting sites on your property. Ants often like to take refuge in old vegetation. According to an experienced roach exterminator, this is why you should take the necessary steps to remove yard debris and overgrowth. Because tree beaches can provide a highway for ants to enter your home, keep them trimmed back.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Sources of Water

Like all creatures, ants need water to survive. To make your property less appealing to ants, get rid of any standing water on your property. You should also have any plumbing leaks repaired. If the moisture levels inside your home are too high, consider installing a dehumidifier.