exterminator roachesExtreme Heat as an Exterminator Roaches Can’t Escape

If you ask an exterminator about roaches and if they die from extreme heat, they will tell you the temperature must be above 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat Does Kill Roaches

Roaches die of natural causes at a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. As hot as Nevada can get, let’s hope it doesn’t hit 130 Fahrenheit. While temperatures in the 100s can and do happen, that won’t be hot enough. The better alternative to rid yourself of roaches comes from exterminators in Las Vegas. You call pest control and have the house sprayed. The roaches die and once you vacuum, you never know that a problem existed.
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So, why do you see so many dead bugs in your home when it gets hot?

Leftover Pesticides Keep Killing

You probably still have residual pesticides in your home from your last pest control treatment. The pesticide killed the bugs that wandered in through cracks and crevices to find food or set up housekeeping. During the heat of summer, more bugs try to come inside.

Have you ever noticed that on a hot summer day, certain scents pervade? You might find it easier to notice a smell like when a neighbor is baking cookies or pie. This also “smells” good to bugs, too. They don’t all sense things the same way that humans do, but they do know when you bring cool food into your home.

You won’t just see roaches either. You’ll spot ants, beetles, roly-polies, locusts, wasps, and others. Every pest tries to enter your home, some looking for a break from the heat, some desiring moisture because the ground dried out, some hungry and hunting for a food source.

Some of the bugs you see may resemble roaches from afar. How closely did you examine the bugs? They likely aren’t roaches because a roach wouldn’t die from the average home temperature. Even if your home’s air conditioning breaks, your home’s interior probably won’t get that hot – about 89 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If they enter your home, many beetles and roly-polies will likely die if you don’t operate an air conditioner to keep the home humid and cool. Those two types of household pests need moisture. The roly-polies fall into the category of bugs that enter homes in search of moisture. They don’t find it if you turned off your air conditioner, so they die.

Heat Treatments to Kill Roaches and Other Bugs

Do exterminators in Las Vegas use heat treatments?

Since high heat can effectively kill bugs, including the elusive roach, Las Vegas exterminating companies use heat treatment to kill the bugs.

When using a heat treatment, the exterminating company brings heavy-duty, industrial heaters to your home or business. You and your family or employees vacate the property during and just after the treatment. The pest control service turns off your air conditioning and plugs in the heaters. Turning these to an extremely hot temperature setting, they leave and let the heat do its job.

These heaters bring the temperature of your home or office to above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Cockroaches absorb heat but even these resilient creatures cannot handle temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

It requires a sustained 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but heat treatment kills both the existing roaches and their eggs. The most common way to use this treatment type involves the resident checking into a hotel overnight or scheduling the treatment to fall during their vacation.

The exterminators re-enter the home and remove the heaters. They re-activate the air conditioning, so you return to a comfortable home. The final step consists of spraying the home with an insecticide. The last step prevents new infestations. The heat treatment kills more than roaches, too. It kills off bed bugs and other crawling pests, too.

Getting Rid of Your Pest Problem

You can return to a pest-free home and know that the bugs completely died. Buddies Exterminating uses heat treatments and professional-grade pesticides to solve problems including pigeon issues and bee infestations. We’ve worked as bee exterminators and bug exterminators since 1962.

Buddies Exterminating offers residential and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, North Las Vegas, Mountain’s Edge, Silverado, and Boulder City. We’re who to call when you need pest extermination Las Vegas!

Why Choose Buddies Exterminating?

Buddies Exterminating has served Nevada residents for more than 60 years. Our business thrives because we effectively treat your home right the first time. Our methods work well, and we can help you effectively and efficiently rid your home of bugs.

Some particularly egregious infestations do require more than one treatment. We’re upfront about that.

Some multi-vermin infestations will also require more than one treatment. That’s because we may need to use more than one type of treatment or pesticide to rid your home lastingly of the bugs.

You’ll need to take a few steps after our extermination treatments to ensure that bugs don’t reenter your home. Check for cracks and crevices. Close the space under exterior doors and repair or replace storm doors.

Openings under doors invite bugs inside. They simply crawl in under the door. The same is true of cracks in windows or broken windows. Once a bug gets inside, it shows its family how to enter, too. That’s why one day you might see one ant in your kitchen but the following day you see hundreds.

Roaches work in a similar way. Once one enters, they leave and get others. They show them the way in and then begin breeding. Roaches breed quickly and while you might only see one, that means hundreds to thousands live inside your walls, flooring, or ceilings.

Move wood piles near your home to the furthest area of your yard. Bugs love wood piles.
Clean the exterior and interior of your home. Ideally, you’ll clean it top to bottom before we visit for the extermination appointment. This means that you won’t accidentally mop up the pesticide we spray after the heat treatment.

As gross as the roaches’ invasion sounds, you can get rid of them quite easily. Calling Buddies Exterminating for an appointment for a heat treatment ensures you’ll immediately get rid of them. Shoring up their entry points and keeping everything clean around your home or office ensures they won’t resurface.

Contact Buddies Exterminating

Call Buddies Exterminating for an appointment. We’ll provide you with an estimate and work with you to schedule a time that works well for you. A tough infestation may require you to vacate your home overnight so we can use heat treatment. You can have us vacuum up the dead roaches, too.

You’ll leave with a bug problem, but we’ll bring the solution. Call the exterminators Las Vegas trusts. We’ve served the area since 1962. You know you can count on Buddies.