Could a Pigeon Problem Lead to a Snake Infestation?

Pigeons, like any other pest, can cause damage to the structure that they are living in or on. Often times, the damage done by pigeons is not from a single pigeon alone. It is due to a flock of pigeons. The nesting materials that pigeons use can be from the roof of a structure, or if they are inside of the structure, from the interior of the structure itself. In addition to the structural issues, a flock of resident pigeons may also cause an eye sore with their droppings and other markings left behind.

Another issue with pigeons in and around your place of residence is that they can attract other predators that may be unwelcomed. While many people can deal with seeing pigeons, less people are alright with a snake problem. As pigeons are a food source for snakes, it is wise to reduce the number of food sources for a predator such as a snake in and around your house. A snake infestation is on top of a pesky pigeon problem are two compounding factors that need to be dealt with immediately.


What to Do About Your Pesky Pigeon Problem to Prevent Snakes

If you find yourself in a pesky pigeon problem, there are solutions. Pigeon extermination in Las Vegas that is humane and trusted is available. Removing a predator’s food source is important. This can be completed by use of mesh cages for catching and removing the pigeons. To ensure a future reduction in pigeons, spikes to reduce their ability to land, can be installed. In addition to solutions for a pesky pigeon problem, snakes can also be removed humanely.

A home with a pigeon problem is an ideal nesting area for snakes as it is warm in the cooler months or nights and there is a steady food supply. Be on the lookout for snake skins or other markings of their presence. Snakes are nocturnal, and they are mostly active at night in warmer months. In Las Vegas, they may be more active in the day in the winter months as it is not too warm for them. As you are less likely to directly see a snake, be aware of other signs they may be present.

Having problems? Start with pigeon extermination or removal to remove the food supply of the predator such as snakes. Then, make sure to get rid of the predators too.