Keep Pigeons Out of Your Garden

If you take pride in your garden area, you know it can be frustrating to have pigeons destroy your work. Birds love to eat ripen fruits or vegetables while they leave a mess in your yard. It is difficult to maintain a healthy garden in the desert. Don’t let pest birds create more problems for you. You can find a company for pigeon extermination in Las Vegas.

You Need a Bird Deterrent

When you have spent time nurturing your plants, the last thing you want is a pigeon destroying your garden. If you don’t implement some bird control measures, you are growing fruits and vegetables for the local birds. Some bird deterrents are quite effective at protecting your garden.

Plastic Bird Netting

This type of netting will physically block birds from entering your garden. It is humane for the birds. The netting is easy to use and can be cut to match the size of your garden. You can get the netting in three different mesh sizes as well. The bird netting is made with durable UV protected polypropylene. However, this is used as a temporary solution to keep pigeons away from your garden.

Setting Up Your Bird Netting

If you want to protect bushes and vines, you should suspend the netting over the plants by 6 inches. This netting will stop birds from sitting on your plants or eating fruit through the netting. This netting should be suspended with a series of poles that can be placed around the perimeter of your garden. You can also wrap your individual plants in netting as well. For the best result, you want to suspend the netting around the entire area. You can secure all netting with hog ties, zip ties, or twine. If you are still having issues, you need to contact a company that specializes in pigeon removal.