5 Stunning Photos of Bugs to Find in Nevada

Sure we don’t like bugs and pests in our homes, but some bugs have a natural beauty when you catch a glimpse of them in their natural habitat outside. Here are 5 stunning photos of bugs you may see in the Nevada area.

#1 Flame Skimmer

Flame Skimmers are a very common dragonfly in the U.S. In Las Vegas, they can often be found in Red Rock Canyon.

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#2 The Blue Dasher

Blue dashers are one of the most abundant dragonflies in the U.S. They can typically be found in most states near marshes, ponds, and other slow moving bodies of water.

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#3 Honey Bee

Although honey bees are not native to the U.S., they have made their homes in many states. Honey bees account for about 80% of insect pollination and help our beautiful desert flower plants reproduce.

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#4 Mexican Amberwing

The Mexican Amberwing is a dragonfly native to southwestern U.S. and Mexico. However, somewhat uncommon in Las Vegas, they can be found from time to time.

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#5 Praying Mantis

There are over 2,400 species of praying mantises, and they can be found throughout the world. They feed on a variety of insects.

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Updated 8/17/21