3 Unexpected Bugs You Could Find in Your Home

When it comes to pest control, there are plenty of creepy crawlies you’d expect to find around your house, like roaches or ants and termites, but there are plenty of other unexpected bugs that you might not think would pose a huge problem or haven’t even heard of before. Here are 3 creatures you wouldn’t expect to be living in your home, and what to do about them.



These nasty little critters have a silverish tone to them and look kind of like mini earwigs. They tend to feast on clothing, wallpaper, and any kind of paper goods, chewing holes in them and ruining them. If you do spot one, your best bet is to call a professional. These little buggers can reproduce rather quickly, so by the time you start noticing them crawling about you could have a full-on infestation on your hands and not even know it.



Ladybugs are the last thing you’d expect to pose a problem, but thanks to their mating and hibernation cycles, they can become a huge problem around winter. They’re usually attracted to bright colors and warm areas during mating season, and if they find a good spot they’ll release pheromones to attract other ladybugs. On top of this, they tend to leave traces of blood around as well, which can not only cause stains but also release more pheromones, leading to more ladybugs. This can eventually compound into a full-blown infestation, leaving your home covered in hundreds of ladybugs looking to hibernate for the season. The scent from the pheromones can be extremely difficult to remove, and its best to call in a professional to handle this kind of issue.


Unexpected Bugs: Centipedes

While they might look scary and intimidating, centipedes are actually a good thing to have. They tend to feast on other insects, keeping your home clear of other bugs that could cause problems. If you start seeing a lot of centipedes coming in from cracks in your foundation or up through the basement, it might be a sign you have an infestation of some other kind of creepy-crawly on your hands and they’re just coming in for the free food. You’ll want to call an exterminator to canvas the home looking for what might be drawing in more centipedes than normal and set up an extermination plan.

No matter what the infestation, you should consult local pest control in Las Vegas to figure out a plan of action to remove the problem.