3 Reasons You Should Deal With a Pigeon Infestation

You may not think of pigeons as being pests or vermin, but they can cause damage and spread disease just like mice or rats. Many people put off dealing with a pigeon problem until it is too late because they are not familiar with the negative effects of a pigeon infestation. To learn more about these effects and why you should get pigeon control in Las Vegas, read on.

To Stop the Spread of Disease

Pigeons are well-known to spread different diseases through their excrement. Diseases from pigeons kill thousands of people every year, worldwide. You are unlikely to die from disease from pigeons in a First World country like the United States, but you may get very sick. Some diseases that pigeons carry include bird flu, psittacosis, and salmonella. Many municipalities in the United States and around the world have taken drastic steps to reduce or eradicate their pigeon populations to prevent disease.

To Prevent a Mess

Not only do pigeons spread disease, they also create a terrible mess. They produce a great deal of waste, which they deposit wherever they live. It is unsightly and smelly and can also be hard to clean if the excrement is dry. You will spend hours scrubbing your property and hosing things down if you have a pigeon population living on the premises. This will be a pain, and can even cost you money if you have to buy sponges, paper towels, and, of course, it could drive up your the water bill. All of this can be prevented by calling pigeon exterminators.

To Avoid Annoying Noise

One often overlooked reason to get rid of pigeons is to prevent annoying noise. Noise from pigeons is certainly not as loud as the noise created by some nuisance birds. Seagulls, for example, are known for being incredibly loud. However, a large flock of pigeons can be surprisingly noisy. This noise may continue through all hours of the day or night. It may cost you precious hours of sleep and even result in complaints from the neighbors. Surprisingly, many people who do hire professionals to take care of a pigeon problem do so to get rid of the noise first and foremost.