3 Ways to Discourage Large Pigeon Gatherings in Las Vegas

Watching birds, including pigeons, hop around, peck at the grass in search of food and stare back at you can be entertaining. Unfortunately, the hospitality signals to them that it is safe to hang out. Their friends catch wind of the hospitality, and next thing you know, it turns into a pigeon party. For public health reasons, large pigeon gatherings must be discouraged. Professional companies that provide pigeon removal in Las Vegas are at your disposal.

Do Not Feed Them

The best way to prevent pigeons from gathering in Las Vegas is to not feed them when you see them. It is very tempting to offer them your crumbs or a bit of your sandwich bread, but it is important to resist the urge simply because their friends are watching, and pretty soon, you will have to feed a few instead of just one. It is also important not to feed them inadvertently. Clean up after yourself and clean your property.

Prevent Nesting

Baby pigeons, like all other baby animals, are cute. It is truly something to witness the hatching of eggs, and then, watching them become old enough to learn how to fly. Unfortunately, if they are allowed to nest and roost, they are going to multiply. So, you are advised to prevent pigeons from nesting. There are several humane devices that can be purchased and set up that block the birds from setting down roots on your property. Bird wires and netting are two useful tools.

Pigeon Birth Control

One way to limit the number of pigeons in Las Vegas is to purchase OvoControl, birth control for pigeons. They eat the kibble, and when they lay eggs, the eggs do not successfully develop.

If preventative measures fail, pigeon removal experts in Las Vegas are at your disposal.