Common Reasons Why Pigeons May Make Your Property Home

Making sure that pigeons don’t invade your home or yard can be a tough task. They’ll scout areas and look for specific characteristics until they find a suitable spot to call home. Unfortunately, many of these sought-after features can be found around your property. Here are some common things that pigeons look for when finding a location to nest.

Proximity to Gardens

One of the most important things for any pest is food. Pigeons aren’t picky eaters. They can thrive off of fruits, vegetables, nuts, insects and much more. If you have a backyard garden, it might as well be a pigeon feeding ground. They may build a nest in an area nearby so that they have easy access to the fruits of your labor and any byproduct that comes from it. While they may eat garden pests, they’ll also tear up your plants.

Hidden Protection

In addition to close proximity to food, pigeons will look for places that keep their young protected. Small holes and nooks are a prime spot for pigeon nests. They offer a single point of access and are virtually invisible to larger birds that are flying overhead. Pigeons can create nests in roof rafters, eaves, gutters, and window sills. If you notice a nest forming, consider investing in pigeon removal in Las Vegas. Not only will they relocate any animals they find, but they can help you prevent future problems from occurring.

High Off the Ground

Most Las Vegas pigeons will want to raise their young in places that they think that no other creatures go. It’s a natural instinct to want privacy and safety. With all of the animals and humans walking on the ground, they’ll look up to find a spot. Common areas include balconies, roofs, high trees, and any other place that looks inaccessible to land creatures. With this information, you can look around your property for potential nesting spots and prepare your home accordingly.