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The Signs of a Hidden Pest Infestation

Pests can eat away at your home, cause health problems and generally make your house an undesirable place to live. However, you may not always see ants, termites or other household pests. Therefore, it is important to look for any indication that insects or rodents have chosen to invade your property.

Do You See Droppings?

If you see little brown specks on the floor, on the counter or anywhere else in a home, they could be mouse droppings. While the droppings may be easy to clean up, it is an indication that there are rodents in or around your property. Furthermore, dust from droppings that get into an HVAC system could be spread around a house quickly and cause you or others to get sick. Make sure that they are never touched by your bare hand, and they should always be put into their own bag or container before being put in the trash.

Are Surfaces Chewed or Frayed?

Carpenter ants and termites like to eat wood or other soft organic materials that are in your home. Silverfish will eat paper, glue or cotton clothing. Therefore, if you see any books or t-shirts that have holes in them, they are likely what is causing them to appear. Mice and rats like to chew on cords, which means that wires with teeth marks are another likely sign of a pest infestation. As frayed wires can increase the risk of electrocution, it is important that you remove or wrap them with tape to keep humans and pets safe.

Call for Help Quickly

The sooner that you call an exterminator in Las Vegas, the easier it will be to contain the problem. An exterminator may be able to take action to kill or repel a pest without posing any harm to small children or animals in the house. Generally speaking, homeowners should expect it to take several days for a treatment to work.