How to Stop People From Feeding Pigeons on Your Property

Many people feed pigeons as a leisure activity. While it can be fun to watch the birds, the aftermath of a flock’s visit could wreak havoc on your building, landscaping, parking lot, or sidewalks. Use these tips to discourage people from feeding pigeons on your property. If your efforts do not work, an experienced service for pigeon control in Las Vegas could help you to get rid of the flock for good.

Educate People

Take the time to educate visitors to your property about why it is a bad idea to feed pigeons. When pigeons are fed by people, they have too many baby birds and consume more resources than the environment can easily support. Overpopulation of the birds gives rise to an increase in infectious diseases that spread through the flocks. The pigeons could contract infectious diseases such as the bird flu and pass it on to the songbirds that live nearby. Falcons and hawks that occasionally hunt the pigeons could also be sickened by bird flu. Many hawks and falcons are threatened species.

Offer Other Ways to Help Birds

Many people who feed pigeons feel as if they are doing a service to wildlife. Offer them another way to help. For example, place a coin collection box for the local charitable organization or a wildlife hospital that cares for injured birds. That way, the people who like to feed pigeons get the chance to help birds that have been orphaned or injured.

Patrol the Area

If you have already educated people about not feeding the pigeons and placed signs asking people to not feed the birds, consider having your security staff do more frequent patrols of the area. They could ask anyone feeding the pigeons to leave the property. You might also consider removing the benches where the pigeon feeders sit. Replace the benches with large planters filled with flowers to add beauty to the space.