Top 10 Worst Insects and Pests for Allergy Sufferers

Ask any exterminator in Las Vegas what their take is on allergies, insects, and home pest control. They will tell you that, on the one hand, certain insects and pests are the worst culprit for triggering allergies and spreading diseases. On the other hand, they’ll also tell you that trying to get rid of pests yourself has its downside because exposure to the chemicals in at-home pest control products has its potential health hazards.

Ten Pests Allergy Sufferers Should Avoid

1.Cockroaches. Because of their biology, cockroaches produce allergens that trigger symptoms in allergy sufferers. Young children are prone to asthma symptoms, especially wheezing. Cockroach allergens can other issues including problems sleeping.

2.Dust mites. As the name implies, dust mites are attracted to dusty places in your home. These natural enemies of dust allergy sufferers hide in household fabrics like bedding, carpet, and upholstery where you can’t often see them, but feel their effects.

3.Flies. Flies carry and spread germs which can produce certain autoimmune responses that mimic allergy symptoms.

4.Mice. Mice hide in corners and move around your home leaving droppings that harbor germs and allergens which can trigger asthma and cause illnesses.

5.Mosquitoes. While they don’t carry allergens in the traditional sense, mosquitoes are notorious for spreading diseases, like West Nile virus, which leads to serious illness and side effects.

6. through 10. Stinging insects. Bees, fire ants, hornets, and wasps deposit venom from their stingers. People who are allergic to stings are at risk for anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threating reaction.

Insecticides Trigger Allergies Too

Combatting insect-borne allergens is not as simple as grabbing the nearest can, package, or bottle of name brand insect killer. Bug sprays and insect repellents can trigger allergies also. Bug sprays can be harmful when inhaled, causing breathing problems. They also can cause skin reactions. Bait blocks and pellets used to control mice can be harmful to skin when handled and can be harmful to your pets if accidently eaten. Mosquito repellents can cause contact allergies, skin rashes, and other reactions.

The Allergy Pest Connection

Exterminators don’t just rid your home of pests. They also protect you and your family from illness. Crawling, flying, and stinging insects expose your family to unhealthy germs and allergens that rob you of your well-being. Even fighting pests has its effects on your allergies too. But, being informed about the allergy pest connection can help you to make the right choices to keep your family safe and healthy.