Why You Can’t Leave Pigeons in Your Home

If you see a pigeon on your roof or hear one in your attic, it is imperative that you get rid of it quickly. Otherwise, you could easily have dozens of birds living in your home within a few weeks. This is because they tend to travel in flocks, and it is also because they can breed throughout the year and in large numbers.

How Often Do Pigeons Breed?

A female pigeon will generally lay three eggs just a week or two after mating with a male. By the time the first eggs are ready to hatch, the pair have likely mated again. While breeding generally takes place in the spring and summer, it can also happen in the fall and winter if conditions are right.

How Long Do Pigeons Live For?

In the wild, a pigeon can live for up to six years. Therefore, once it finds your home to be suitable place to live, it can stay there for several years if you don’t call a pigeon removal Las Vegas service provider. It is worth noting that a domestic pigeon can live for up to 15 years, which gives them even more time to breed and cause damage to your home. Damage can be caused by their droppings, which contains corrosive materials as well as a variety of parasites.

Why Do Pigeons Like Homes?

Pigeons like to roost on gutters and overhangs because they look similar to cliffs that they would generally perch on in the wild. Since this bird has a high level of intelligence, it may know how to find its way back even if leaves voluntarily or after being captured. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant and take steps to ensure that your home is protected from these potential pests.