las-vegas-scorpion-controlIf you live in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, you’ve probably heard about the increased incidence of scorpions at private residences. If you’ve noticed scorpions at your home, it’s important to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Read on to learn more about scorpion control in Las Vegas.

Although 23 types of scorpions live in the Las Vegas Valley, the primary concern is the Arizona bark scorpion. Although they aren’t native to the area, they often come in on new landscaping–especially palm trees, which are quite popular in Las Vegas. In fact, one palm tree can hold hundreds of scorpions, which can then venture into your yard and home.

When you have scorpions in your home, getting rid of them can be incredibly challenging. Unfortunately, scorpion infestations are common in desert areas like Las Vegas, particularly in homes that are newly constructed or exist near a construction site. Why are new construction homes so attractive to these pests? Streetlights and porch lights attract bugs, which scorpions eat. And the arachnids can live anywhere that bugs exists, making garages, lawns, gardens, and other locales ideal habitats for scorpions.

To complicate the matter, these arachnids are extremely resilient to pesticides; this means that if you’ve encountered scorpions in your home, you should contract with a pest company that specializes in getting rid of them. Because they can go six to nine months without eating, removing the food source (other bugs) typically won’t work to get rid of scorpions. A reliable pesticide company will find and remove the scorpions’ nest so that they will move on from your property altogether.

In addition to calling a pesticide company, there are ways that you can minimize the instances of scorpions in your home. Caulk any cracks and weather-stripping in your home; if you can slide a business card into an opening, it’s large enough for a scorpion to enter. Window screens should also be kept in good repair so that scorpions cannot enter. Clear away anything you have stacked in your garage or yard, such as woodpiles or stacks of cardboard boxes. And make sure your kids don’t leave wet towels and other items in the yard that could provide a cool respite for the arachnids. Never bring anything in the house from outside without first inspecting it for scorpions.

The good news is that although a scorpion sting can cause a great deal of pain, it is very rare for a sting to be fatal. In most cases, it can be treated with Benadryl. If you need help with a scorpion infestation, reach out to Buddies Exterminating. Our family-owned company has been serving the Las Vegas Valley since 1962.

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