bed bugsBed bugs strike fear into the hearts of many people. There is a lot of misinformation that is going around concerning bed bugs. However, once people are more informed about bed bugs, they can make better decisions in preventing these pests from entering a home.

Bed bugs have been a problem in the United States and other developed countries for many years. Pesticides and other applications were introduced about 60 years ago to combat the problem.  In recent years, bed bugs have made a dramatic resurgence in the United States.

Its a misnomer that bed bugs move into unclean homes and buildings due to the lack of hygiene by the owner or renter. That is not the case. Bed bugs are found in posh hotels and some of the cleanliest homes in the area. Bed bugs look for human blood, not the cleanliness of a space. They are looking for new hosts.

It is easy for a bed bug to hitch a ride from one place to another. Keep in mind that a bed bug can live in motels, apartments, condominiums, dorms, houses and even movie theaters. Bed bugs usually travel on human items.  Luggage is an excellent form of transportation that can take a bed bug from New York City to Las Vegas. Bed bugs are usually hard to see and easily transport undetected.

Bed bugs are also found on your sofas, pillows, articles of clothing and much more. College dorms can be an easy place for bed bugs to thrive. College students frequently reuse old pieces of furniture as home décor, introducing bed bugs to their dorm room.

While bed bugs are a concern, people can contact Buddies Exterminating for information on how to control these pests. Buddies Exterminating has the solutions to help home and business owners with bed bug problems and other pest problems.   Schedule your consultation today by calling 702-878-3998.