Health Hazards That Pigeons Pose to Customers

When it comes to running a business, one of the last aspects that you may think about is health hazards and pigeons. Unfortunately, even in Las Vegas, pigeons are a menace. Not only can they cover business and its parking lot in bird feces, but it can also be one of the factors contributing to poor job performance. After all, customers are unlikely to visit a business that is covered in feces. Your business might also promote the spread of disease if it doesn’t take a stand against pigeons. This article will discuss the health hazards that pigeons pose and how you can ensure that your business is a safe and clean place for your customers to visit.

Carriers of Disease

Pigeons are notorious for being carriers of bird diseases. More than that, they can carry disease in general. Even those that don’t infect them can be carried in their wings, feces, spit, and other places. Since viruses can easily be airborne, all it takes is a pigeon to carry it and give a flutter of their wings for the virus to transfer into an opened drink that a customer takes a sip of. You don’t want your business to be known as the source for contamination. To prevent this from occurring, the best step is to get rid of the pigeons. You need a reliable company that provides pigeon removal in Las Vegas to deal with the problem before it becomes a hazard.


Pigeons also carry parasites. These can exist on their feathers, in their bodies, and even in their feces. When a pigeon deposits its waste, that parasite is free to move. It can infect food, stick on the bottom of someone’s shoe, or even find its way into the water.

Prevention Today

Don’t let your business fall prey to contamination in Las Vegas. Call a reliable pigeon removal service to halt the spread of disease today.