Las Vegas PestsLas Vegas is home to glamorous casinos, showgirls, and a thriving nightlife. Unfortunately, the hot climate, peppered with bouts of rain in the spring and dry winters, is equally appealing to a variety of pests who aren’t all that picky about the places they call home, whether or not it’s already occupied with human inhabitants not prepared to share their space.

Among the most durable insects in the world, Las Vegas is no stranger to the cockroach. While seemingly benign during the day, these critters consume just about anything that’s edible when they become active at night. The dark American cockroach (water bugs), the Australian cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the smaller German cockroach are the most common versions of this insect found in the Vegas area.

Among the tiniest invaders, ants can also be difficult to get rid of with the use of OTC remedies only. Professional pest treatments tend to be more effective against these pests. While usually harmless, fire ants can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions in some people.

While spiders are more of a nuisance than anything else, some Vegas spiders are downright dangerous and potentially harmful. The desert recluse spider doesn’t like the glowing neon lights, instead preferring the dark corners often found in homes. Black widows and camel spiders are also found throughout the region, with camel spiders known to be especially aggressive.

Elm Root Borer
While not much of a threat to humans, the elm root borer, resembling a large cockroach, can do serious damage to trees you may have on your property. Since it’s hard to notice initial infestations, preventative treatments tend to work best at keeping these invader at bay.

Africanized honeybees, commonly referred to as “killer bees,” are the most problematic of the bees found in the Vegas area. Usually found in areas people accidentally disturb, we search common nesting spots around your home to prevent what can be a fairly aggressive attack.

Found throughout the United States, house mice, white-footed mice and deer mice are all found within the Las Vegas area. We determine likely entry points and recommend preventative methods to keep the unwelcome visitors from coming back.

Commonly found in the arid, desert regions of Nevada, these ornery little critters look for indoor comfort when the temperatures start to drop.

Due to the frequency of travel in and around Las Vegas, bedbugs are an all-too-frequent invader. Typically found in hotel rooms, these tiny visitors can make their way into homes too.

Considered harmless, the mating ritual of crickets is what’s really annoying, especially since it’s in the form of incessant chirping. Additional Las Vegas pests we work hard to eliminate include:

• Mosquitoes
• Houseflies
• Mice and rats
• Rock pigeons
• Silverfish
• Earwigs
• Pill bugs
• Wasps
• Yellow jackets
• Subterranean termite

Got pests? Give us a call now to set up an initial appointment to allow us to assess the situation and develop an effective plan to say goodbye to Vegas pests.